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I hit 4,000 (!!!) followers a little while back so as thanks, I’m having a REBLOG CONTEST!

Reblog this post and go ahead and give me a little follow if you don’t already and I’ll pick THREE WINNERS at random and draw a character for them. D&D, Skyrim, Fallout, Mass Effect, Destiny, Star Wars Jedi Academy II, whatever you have a beloved character in, I’ll draw it.

Be cool and only reblog once and you should have a way for me to contact you on your tumblr. I’ll choose winners Monday, August 18th. 

Above are D&D characters drawn from description. dodoots's Half-Orc Barbarian, my hodge-podge Rogue, thevintagepostbox's Human Ranger, and leighluna's Gnome Wizard.

Evans art is pretty rad